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Registration Information

This year, we plan on hosting 6 to 8 teams. As a result, spots will be available for new individuals/teams wishing to join. Please read below for information on the 2008 outdoor season.


Who Can Register?

St. Michael's Soccer Club is open to those 18 years and older, regardless of skill level and experience. You can either register as an individual player and be placed on a squad, or you and your friends can register your existing team (minimum of 17 players per team). Our goal is to make the game of soccer accessible to anyone wishing to play. 

Where and when will the games be played?

The 2008 Outdoor season will start in the middle of  May/08 and run until the last Sunday in September/08. The majority of games will be played at Aldergrove Park(located in the Brimley and Steeles area) and  range in time between 9a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday mornings. 


Cost of registration?


The cost of registration for the 2008 women's outdoor season is $125.00 per individual provided the team/player provides their own uniform. Should a team/player require the league to provide them with a uniform (which includes top, short and socks), the cost is $150. 


Note, those registering as an individual or with a group of friends will need the league to provide you with uniforms resulting in your registration fees being $150.



  • It is mandatory that all players wear shin guards.
  • Regular season games will consist of two 40-minute halves.
  • Players will be required to submit a photo with their registration. This photo will be used to make up a team booklet so that referees can ensure that players on the field are registered with the league. Any team caught bringing in a "Ringer" (i.e., an unregistered player) will automatically receive a loss for that game, regardless of  the outcome.
  • Players will be fined for incurring infractions on the field that result in a card. Players receiving a red card (or 2 accumulated yellow cards during the season) will be required to pay a $25 fine. Subsequent yellow cards will incur a $25 fine, and a red card will incur a $50 fine.
  • In addition to receiving fines for red cards, players will be penalized for one game following the date of the infraction. Players WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any further matches until all outstanding fines are paid.  

How do I register?


Pleas check back later in the week of March 3rd as we will have the registration form posted. 


Players can get registered by completing the information information in the registration form and mailing in your signed form, cheque and photo to the address below. Or 2) players can make arrangements to drop off their registration information in person by contacting us at 416-817-8844. We will also be having registration drop off dates in the near future. Check our website in the upcoming weeks for times and locations.


How do I contact St. Michael's Soccer Club?


We can be reached at (416) 817-8844. If you wish to send  us an email, our address is If you wish to contact us via mail, our mailing address is 1661 Denison Street, Markham Ontario, Box 76623, L3R 6E0.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have about the upcoming soccer season.

1661 Denison Street
Box 76623, Markham, Ontario
L6R 3E0