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  • After a game or match each captain must submit the game scores to the convenors via email at  before 5:00p.m. the following day.
  • MERCY RULE: Once a team is up by 8 points, the game is officially over.   The captains may decide to continue playing for fun until the time limit is up, but the score when the mercy rule came into effect is what is reported to the convenors.
  • Ties in the regular season will be recorded as ties for the standings.  In the playoffs, tied games go to a sudden death first point overtime, with a flip of the disc deciding who receives the throw.



  • Please arrive at the time suggested on your schedule, usually 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.  This will allow ample time for teams to set up the fields and to do some warm-up time so the games can start on time.
  • Games will consist of consisting of two 45-minute halves, with a 5-minute half time. The captains should use this half time to discuss any sportsmanship issues in the game.  The conversation should be open and two-way with the captains making a commitment to each other to keep a great game staying great or to improve their teams play to make it more fun for the rest of the game.  A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad within 15 minutes of the official start time.  A team can play with a minimum of 4 people, as long as two (2) of the players are women and two (2) of the players are men.  Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum people but this should be decided before the game starts. Once teams agree that the game is official, the results will be counted towards the overall standings.
  • Games are completed either when one team reaches 19 points or if 1.5 hours of play is completed.  A 5 minute half time occurs when one team reaches 9 points or after 45 minutes of play.  If regulation time has expired, (or if 45 minutes have elapsed in the first half) the teams should “play out the point”, with this point counting towards the final score.  Games can end in a tie only during the regular season.
  • Please agree on one person to act as timekeeper.  
  • Teams may call a one (1) minute time-out per half if needed (but not during the last 5 minutes of each half).
  • The gender requirement guideline states that 2 males & 2 females must be on the field at any given time with the 5th player being either a male or female.  You DO NOT have to match the gender breakdown of your opponents. (ie. If your opponents are lining up with 2 guys & 3 girls, you do not have to match it)
  • PLAYOFFS:  When regulation time has expired, the current point should be played out until a point is scored.  If this point results in the score being tied, one more point is to be played in order to break the tie.  PLAYOFF GAMES CANNOT END IN A TIE!!!


  • Spirit of the Game - The ULTIMATE GTA encourages all players to play with a 'fun first, winning second' attitude.  The ULTIMATE GTA believes that encouraging good sporting behaviour is why many players join and remain in our leagues.  Playing with 'ULTIMATE GTA spirit' provides a non-threatening, fun environment for all levels of players.   Good sporting behaviour: behavioral tendencies of a person who can take loss or defeat without complaint, and victory without gloating, AND who treats all opponents with fairness, generosity, courtesy and respect.  Poor sportsmanship is not tolerated.
  • Standings:   A team's ranking in the standings is determined first by the number of games you have won, tied or lost.  A team gets 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.  Teams who share the same number of points will then be ranked according to whose team has a higher sportsmanship rating as determined by your peers (see below for more details).  If that is tied, teams will be ranked according to which team has a better points for/against differential. A team who at the end of the regular season has an S/R rating of less than a '0' average, may not be able to continue with playoffs or in the next season.
  • Rating Sportsmanship:  Each team will be given 1 sportsmanship rating per game.  The best rating you can receive per game is +1, the worst is -1.  The rating given takes into account your team's Spirit of the Game as well as your Accountability for calling your own 'fouls'. The ratings work as follows:

    "Accountability" Rating
    This part of the rating is based solely on how you felt your opponent took responsibility for calling their own 'fouls'.  A team that does well on Accountability either: committed few or no fouls so it was not an issue, or committed several fouls and made a genuine attempt to call most of them.

    "Spirit of the Game" Rating
    This part of the rating is based solely on how FUN your opponent was. A high rating would be for a team that: appeared to put winning second and FUN first, encouraged themselves or their opponent in a positive way.




The team was a lot of fun and made a genuine attempt to call their own fouls.


This team was OK. There are two scenarios: (1) they were average in both Fun and Accountability; (2) They were strong in one area but weak in the other area.


This team was not fun (too intense or aggressive) and generally did not follow the rules and call their own infractions/penalties.

The Sportsmanship Ratings that you receive from your opponent (in particular a - 1) will affect your ratings and status in the league:

  • During the course of the season, should your team receive a -1 rating for a first time from your opponent, your team will we receive a written warning from the ULTIMATE GTA.
  • During the course of the season, should your team receive a -1 rating for a second time from your opponent, your team will lose a point in the standings and forfeit the next game (we will replace your team for that game) as well as receive another written complaint.
  • During the course of the season, should your team receive a -1 rating for a third time from your opponent, your team will lose another point in the standings and forfeit the next game (we will replace your team) OR the team may be ejected from the league.
  • At any time the ULTIMATE GTA may penalize or suspend a team or player for unsporting actions regardless of the rating given by your opponent.
  • Reporting Sportsmanship Concerns:   If a team, at the end of the game, has an unresolved concern with respect to the other team's sportsmanship, please report it .  PLEASE NOTE:  If you rate your opponent a '-1' - YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A FORMAL COMPLAINT VIA EMAIL by 5pm the day after your game.   If you choose not to submit a report, the rating is changed to a '0'.  The following is an outline of how the ULTIMATE GTA handles complaints:
    • The captain of the team who was issued the complaint will receive feedback from the GC and or the opponent.  This will come in an email form so that it can be forwarded to your teammates and be kept on file at the ULTIMATE GTA office to compare to any future complaints against the same team or player. At the ULTIMATE GTA's sole discretion, the player or team may receive either:
      • a warning;
      • a game misconduct;
      • a league ejection
    • Teams who have been issued a complaint are always welcome to provide their own feedback on the game.


The ULTIMATE GTA plays by official UPA rules. Click here to view the official 10th Edition UPA rules.


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