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Team Registration Information

New Rules Regarding Team Registration!


For the 2007 outdoor season, teams will be fined $100 for their 1st defaulted game as a result of not being able to field 7 players by the start of the game, and $150 for their 2nd defaulted match. As a result, registered teams will be required to post a $250 bond which will be due before or on April 23, 2007. As well, any team players who fail to make their fine payment(s) for incurring any cards will have their fine payment subtracted from the team bond. Should any team not have enough funds in their team bond to cover the fine for a defaulted game (as a result of the team bond being used to pay for yellow or red card fines) the team captain will be required to provide the league with the amount to cover the difference. A cheque for any funds remaining in the team bond will be issued to the TEAM CAPTAIN  at the end of the 2007 season.

Team Deposits

Registration fees will remain the same as in 2005 and 2006. However, team deposits for the 2007 season are as follows: $1260 or $1485, which works out to 9 players registration fees (depending on the need for a uniform) will need to be received on or before March 26 2007. The remaining fees will need to be received on or before April 23, 2007. There will be a $10 per player late fee that will apply to payments made after the due dates.

Team deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and each team must ensure that they have a minimum of 15 players. Any group that registers a team and fails to meet the 15 player minimum will lose their deposit. Should the group of individuals still wish to play, the league will add players to their team at its discretion.

Adding New Players

Teams will have until June 17, 2007 to make additions/substitutions to their roster. New players will need to fill in registration forms and provide photo IDs prior to playing. After June 17, 2007 only players with photos on the team game sheet will be permitted to play. If teams are found with unregistered players on the field, your team will receive a loss for the game and lose 3 points in the standings - no exceptions. Referees will be checking rosters before each game.

After May 16, 2007, there will be a charge of $25 for any switching of players

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