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St Michael's Soccer Clubs 2002 Regular Season Game Results

September 8, 2002
Nations United 2
(Ron Warren, Carl Quach)
Toronto Kodiaks 1
(Michael Mohammadi)
Rangers 4
(Paul Vance, Jason Melindy, Jonathan Lee, Paul Robinson)
Celtics 1
(Corroido Melini)
Sporting Markham 2
(Mark Tofan, Christian Colan)
The Boyz 1
(Alec Cranmer)
Blue Devils 1
(Chris Casey)
Soccercentral F.C. 1
(Chris Linton)
Crimson Tide 1
(Tim O'Connel)
RossoBianco 0
Sept 15, 2002 (Quarter-Finals)
The Boyz 3
(Ryan Brown, Jay Miller, Rick Capone)
Blue Devils 2
(Chris Casey -2)
Celtics 1
(Iaian Hollinsworth)
Crimson Tide 0
Sporting Markham 2
(Louis Pollastrone, Christian Colan)
Toronto Kodiaks 1
(Saied Mohammadi)
Rangers 3
(Paul Vance, Jonathan Lee, Marc Iturralde)
Soccercentral F.C. 0
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